CustomFluidics is a company focus on customized microfluidics chip of glass substrate. The founders are the end application expert and MEMS manufacturing professional, so we understand the customers’ ideas and requirements, and connect the design and production.

Our team  has strong expertise in R&D of the microfluidic devices and application. We use extensive computational (in silico) methods to help our customers design the micro-fluidic devices, also refine the experiments. Our computational expertise includes:

1.Computer-aided design / computer-aided engineering (CAD/CAE)

2.Multiscale & multiphysics modelling

3.Finite element analysis

4.Computational modelling & simulation

With the rich experience of different microfluidics applications, we provide customers consulting, design and simulation service, and it could be turned to real products in a short time if necessary. We have multi methods and process to realize complex chip design. Compared with other OEM companies, who only produce the chips as design, we integrate the whole chain to provide customer a complete solution, from a preliminary idea to a end product. We concern not only the function realization, but also a fast delivery and reasonable cost.

We are open to all kinds of need for microfluidics. Please contact us for more interesting and inspiring solutions for you.




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