Company “M” is a world famous medical apparatus and instruments enterprise, who found us for a high volume chip design and manufacturing. The chip is consumable , which means high volume but requiring low cost. CustomFluidics developed the design and whole production process for this product. We have many innovations, eg, we have laser etched channels instead of traditional wet etching, we launched semiconductor/MEMS manufacturing process for it, that is we manufacture chip array in one whole wafer, and finally we cut to 15*30mm final product dimension, which allows 78 chips produced in one wafer, which help low the cost a lot. Finally we achieve 3USD per chip for production, and there is potential  the cost could be lower if the volume comes bigger.

With customized solutions, not only G could help you meet different application requirements, but we have complete solutions of production cost. It make a great sense for glass made microfluidic chips.