Why Customized Microfluidics
To address 3Rs (refinement, reduction and replacement)of animal study and to accelerate the drug research & development (R&D),lab-on-chip (or body/organ-on-chip) technique has been widely used by biomedicalresearch labs and pharmaceutical industry. In many cases, the traditional micro-fluidic devices can not satisfy some specific applications. Therefore, a custom-made micro-fluidic device is necessary. To save the time and R&D cost, the microfluidic users usually hire the microfluidic companies to do the customized prototyping. In this business, a gap between the prototyping and application iscurrently existing. Specifically, with the custom-made products delivered, the users will seldomly have enough information for the application of the products, for example, which loading conditions should be applied, what is the quantitative multi-physics environment, etc. To acquire this information, the costumers still need to do further analysis of the devices according to their specific applications. So, to cover this gap we will provide a comprehensive service on both standard and custom-made micro-fluidic devices to avoid the further R&D work on the products by our customers. We also have Low cost solutions for high volume production afterwards.

Consulting Design & Simulation
With rich experience and advanced facilities for microfluidics and MEMS industries, CustomFluidics is helpful and promising to realize your new ideas and designs. We have technical teams based in UK and China, the UK team is professional in different kinds of microfluidics applications, mainly focus on consulting service, design and simulation jobs for customers. Based on multiscale and multiphysics CAD/CAE techniques, we can provide the customers with the (i) fine design of micro-fluidic products, (ii) quantitative multi-physics environment within the microfluidic products based on the specific applications. With our service, it is anticipated to facilitate the costumers to refine and accelerate the experiments.

Fast Prototyping, Cost-effective Manufacturing
Since most of the microfluidics chip are used for R&D application, the fast delivery of small volume prototyping is an significant concern to users. With complete process and facilities, normally we could deliver in two or three weeks for a complex design.
Cost is another concern, we understand a reasonable price paralleled to cutting-edge technologies. Nowadays, glass chip is still expensive to launching to consumable products. Therefore, cost down is also our main target for the development of solutions. We provide customers not only advanced and complex chips, but also an affordable price according to different volume level, please click to know more about what we have done for the cost down of glass chip

Microfabrication Technologies
1.Laser micromachining

2.Mechanical Machining

3.Wet Etching

4.Photo Lithography

5.Coating and Metallization


7.Cleanroom Packaging